How HiredBy Provided a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Being a Software Engineer at American Express 





American Express is a multinational financial service corporation that was founded in 1850. The mission at American Express is to become essential to their clientele by providing differentiated products and services to help those customers achieve their aspirations. American Express aims to provide the world’s best customer experience every day by backing their customers, doing what’s right, respecting people, embracing diversity, supporting communities, and standing for inclusion. 



American Express is a household name, but not every household thinks of Amex the same way. With the plethora of departments needed to serve customers (savings and loans, travel, rewards, business, etc), it’s easy to forget what all is needed for a company as large as this one to function properly- and that’s where HiredBy came in. HiredBy had Alexis Schaetzle, a software engineer at American Express, take over our Instagram stories to provide viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at how she is a necessary employee at American Express. 


Quote: “American Express is a huge company so navigating the web that is Amex can be a little challenging, but it is very rewarding.” -Alexis Schaetzle 



Schedule Sharing 

From her doctor’s appointment in the morning to spending time with her husband in the evening, Schaetzle took viewers through a play-by-play of her day. She also shared what a typical day of working for American Express would look like, although she did make sure to note that her schedule isn’t the only one that is available for Amex employees (flexible schedules are key for a company as big as American Express). 

Answering Questions from Viewers 

A viewer asked Schaetzle about the hardest part of her job, and her answer did not disappoint. She went into a detailed explanation about navigating such a large code base and how the size can be daunting at times. However, she also made a point to explain how amazing her job is and how she is constantly collaborating with other teams, which she greatly enjoys. 


Giving Advice 

An experienced professional like Schaetzle always has great advice, and she made sure to give plenty of it in regard to challenges at work, how to break out in the technology industry, how to find a mentor, and how to survive working at American Express. She also encouraged her viewers to reach out to her personal Instagram account if they had any more questions for her. 



Sometimes customers forget that there are real people working for large companies like Amex, and it’s important to remind people (especially those who are looking for a job) that it is entirely possible to work for large corporations and to enjoy it. HiredBy allowed Schaetzle to share her story while promoting American Express, and female software engineers were given important advice from a woman who has been working in technology for years, so everyone benefited from Alexis Schaetzle’s takeover on HiredBy’s Instagram story.