How HiredBy Helped Show That Capital One Is Continuing to Adhere to its Promises of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging 









Capital One is a bank holding company that operates in multiple countries and offers a plethora of services, from business tips and tools to healthcare industry expertise to mobile banking. This institution was founded in Richmond, Virginia in 1994, but has since moved its headquarters to McLean, Virginia. Capital One is dedicated to advocating for an inclusive society, building thriving communities, and creating financial tools that enrich lives. 



Most people know that Capital One is a bank, which is true. They also might know that Capital One specializes in savings accounts, auto loans, credit cards, and banking, which is also true. However, not many people are aware that Capital One fosters such a great Culture of Belonging, so HiredBy had Liz Saloka, a senior software engineer at Capital One, through a day in her life at Capital One. 


“I wasn’t sure what field I exactly wanted to start my career role in, but I knew that I really fit with Capital One and I liked that.” -Liz Saloka, Senior Software Engineer at Capital One 




Saloka is a Female 

Let's be honest- when people think of a bank, most of them picture men in suits at an office building. However, Capital One is so much more than that stereotypical, out-of-date, banking archetype. Saloka, a female, is not just a software engineer at Capital One, but a senior software engineer at Capital One. 


Saloka is a Graduate Student 

Again, there seems to be this misconception that only middle-aged people work for banks, but once again HiredBy is shattering that idea by presenting the world with a 22-year-old employee from Capital One. This 22-year-old is working and going for her master's degree, a feat that is made possible by good communication between Saloka and her employer. 

Saloka Has Another Mouth to Feed and Take Care Of 

Anyone who has raised a dog knows how energetic they can be, not to mention how much time, effort, and money can go into owning one, and Saloka is the proud owner of a 1-year-old puppy. Balancing her work, school, and home life can be a lot, but Capital One would have hired regardless of if Saloka had lived with a furry friend or a human one. 




After watching Saloka’s takeover on HiredBy’s Instagram stories, there’s no doubt that Capital One is following through on its’ values of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. She was able to talk about her personal life and work life in a way that showed she is happy and thriving in her current position at Capital One. Even during a global pandemic, Capital One is still staying true to its commitments, whether those are to its employees or its customers. 


“The culture, the people, the ambition of the entire company- it just seemed to really align with my values and what I was looking for and I’ve loved the year that I’ve spent with Capital One so far.” -Liz Saloka