How Raise the Barr Helped Spread Awareness of Olive AI and Its Mission Within 48HRS 

Olive is a healthcare AI company built to use technology to solve human problems. Olive is using the Internet to help solve inefficiencies within the healthcare systems. Olive sees health systems and their employees working harder than ever to manage essential processes by doing more and more, with less and less – all while pursuing a mission to deliver exceptional care. 

Olive’s calling is to make our industry more efficient, more affordable, and more human. She’s on a mission to revolutionize healthcare with AI by shining a light on healthcare’s broken systems.  



Olive isn’t just helping the next hospital or the next healthcare facility in front of them. Instead, they are reaching an entire system of hospitals and trying to help and connect all of them. Changing the way that healthcare systems are connected is not an easy task, but Olive knew that hospitals would never be able to work as efficiently as possible if they didn’t utilize the Internet. It is important that more healthcare systems adopt new ways to communicate and to run their facilities, and to do that they must first understand how important it is to transition into this new world of AI’s and Internet connectivity. 


“One of the things that our founder realized when he founded Olive was that healthcare really didn’t have Internet. Because of that, there were many gaps and inefficiencies in our systems, and as a practicing physician I can understand how hard that is.” -YiDing Yu, Chief Medical Officer at Olive 



Views on Stories

Yu's takeover on Hired By’s Instagram story was a total of 16 minutes and 3 seconds, which was considerably spread throughout the day. This extensive, informative, and creative takeover allowed all of Hired By’s Instagram followers to stay engaged with Yu throughout the day. 

Likes and Comments on Our Pre-Takeover Post 

Many of Hired By’s Instagram followers would have seen the pre-takeover post, which was made to highlight Yu the day before her takeover. The post garnered 41 likes and 2 comments, which is more comments than usual for a pre-takeover post.  

Word of Mouth 

Before there was the Internet or newspapers, there was word of mouth. Thankfully, even as the Internet has evolved, word of mouth is still a very common way to market  companies like Olive, and Hired By has helped provide enough information for    viewers to spread awareness of Olive’s AI capabilities. 

Companies Saw the Takeover 

Sure, regular people look at Hired By’s Instagram page every day, but on Yu’s pre-takeover post many companies like Coached, Finconoso, ROSA!, PowerToFly, Stay High Vintage, and more saw the information about Olive.  



Two days might not seem like a lot of time, but for Hired By it’s plenty. Within 48 hours, Hired By was able to share, promote, market, and provide exclusive content for Olive. Between the engagement from the pre-takeover post and the Instagram stories courtesy of DiYing Yu, viewers were able to become informed about Olive’s AI and the mission behind it while also sharing the content that Hired By provided. 


“Thank you, Hired By, for amplifying the voices of women in technology.” - DiYing Yu